[SEDXC] 160 M contest

Mike, ND4V nd4v at comcast.net
Mon Dec 7 07:18:53 PST 2009

Paul W4KLY was tweaking me at the GARS Holiday Party with his already
impressive score and it was just barely dark when he left to come to the
party... and already he was racking them up.  So I had to give it a shot.
I drug out an old ten tec tuner and was able to get the transmitter happy
enough to indicate a 100w out into some RF absorption device just past the
little box.  From the number of fills that I was asked for, my 80 OCF dipole
was probably coupling into the neighbors silt fence....  I was able to hear
ON4UN and a few of the EU's but I had a hard time working beyond a 1000
160 Is a new band for me too. I look forward to trying it again with
something resonant.
Worked a few Friday night.  Main effort was Saturday. Had to break for the
Tech v Clemson game so I only worked about six hours in S&P mode and made
126 Q's
2 DX (PJ2T and a C6)
49 Sections
12,138 points
Mike, ND4V

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