[SEDXC] Buzz saw on 30M -- Don't adjust your set, it may be OHR.

Al NN4ZZ al at nn4zz.com
Wed Dec 23 13:24:18 PST 2009

Do you hear the QRM today on the 30 M band today starting around 2000 utc (3 pm local)?  Ralph/K1ZZI confirms hearing it as well so I don't think it's local to my QTH. 

It appears to be coming from about 50 degrees from my QTH (Loganville) using a 2 el yagi.   Sounds like a buzz saw and is worst around 10.135 although it covers the band from 10.100 to 10.150 or so.  It varies from S7 to S9+20 here, peaking every few seconds.

It may be the Over the Horizon Radar from Cypress at the Royal Air Force Station Akrotiri.   (check wikipedia for more on this station)  That would be at about the right direction.  I've saw some old reports on the internet of OHR QRM that lasts for hours or days.  It's been going for over an hour so far.

Anyone else have any thoughts or info?

Regards, Al

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