[SEDXC] Our Licenses have been approved ...

Weymouth Walker weymouth01 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 29 18:03:43 PST 2009

Our Licenses have been approved and are now in our hands!

My call for this expedition will be J6/K8EAB

Our Blog Is Here:  http://sites.google.com/site/caribbeanbuddies/

The "Buddies in the Caribbean" DXpedition group which specializes in 100 watt or less low power radios and the Buddipole portable antenna system is off again to a new DXpedition site on Feb. 2-11, 2010.  This is an annual effort to demonstrate "ultralite" dxpeditioning into magnificent "vista" locations, operate a field portable battery-only radio with backpackable, lightweight antennas and most of all "have fun!" 

The group goal will be to work stations from all over the world using Buddipole antennas and other newly-developed Buddipole antenna accessory products.  The Buddipole antenna system is designed to be a lightweight and versatile way to put an efficient station on the air in minutes in almost any terrain.  By utilizing an interchangeable series of custom-made components, the user is able to configure dozens of antenna designs optimized for their particular operating needs.  The group in St Lucia expects to operate dipoles in various configurations, verticals, vertical beams, mini-yagis, and other antennas only using Buddipole parts.  

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