[SEDXC] Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests; This Week's Contests

John Laney k4bai at worldnet.att.net
Wed Dec 30 08:20:12 PST 2009

Claimed Scores, Last Week's Contests:

1.  Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge.
N4PN    476  2,217  SOHP  13.5   GA  SECC
K1ZZI   408  1,800  SOHP  10:50  GA  SECC
N4KG    215  1,250  SOHP   6     AL  ACG
K4BAI   318  1,074  SOHP   9:11  GA  SECC
KY5R     62    930  SOHP   4     AL  ACG
K4OD    119    900  SOLP  13.25  GA  SECC
K4ZGB   160    766  SOLP   6:30  AL  ACG
NM2L    124    758  SOLP   3.5   GA  SECC
K9AY     39    608  SOHP   2     WI
K4LY    107    505  SOHP  ~4     SC  CDXA
WB4MAK  135    489  SOHP   8     GA  SECC
W4NZ    100    432  SOHP   3     TN  TCG
AK4I     90    206  SOHP   7.5   GA  SECC
W4DD     62    200  SOLP   6     GA  SECC
KG4USN   28      ?  SOLP  ~2     GA  SEDXC

2.  South Dakota QSO Party
W4UCZ  4  3  24  SOLP CW  __  GA  SECC	

I think the SD QSO Party sponsors made a serious mistake by not 
publishing any suggested frequencies.  I spent a good deal of time 
Saturday morning and early afternoon searching 40 and 20M for SD 
stations.  It would have helped to have known a frequency to start 
looking on each band and mode.  The smaller the ham population of the 
target area (state, in this case), the more important suggested 
frequencies become.

This Week's Contests:

1.  North American QRP CW Club Milliwatt Sprint.  Tonight local, 
0130-0230 UCT Thursday.  For awards, run one watt or less.  80, 40, 20M 
CW.   For awards, use simple wire antennas only (single element vericals 
are OK).  Exchange: RST, SPC, NAQCC# or state.  Look for me at one watt 
and see if you can hear me.

2.  QRP Fox Hunt, Thursday night local, 0200-0330Z Friday.  Use no more 
than 5 watts and work only the two foxes.  They will be hiding between 
7030 and 7050 kHz.  Exchange:  RST, SPC, Name, Power. Foxes will be 
N4SAM, Sam in AL and W9CF, Kevin in AZ.  Foxes usually start out 
listening split "up" or "d."

3.  NCCC NA Sprint Practice.  Thursday night local, 0230-0259Z, Friday.
Usual rules except use a mechanical, not electronic key.  This is to go 
along with Straight Key Night.  20, 40, 80, 160M.  100W maximum. One kHz 
QSY rule.  Exchange:  both calls, #, name, SPC.  This does not count for 
the ladder series, but is a "bonus" practice.

4.  NCCC Practices for ARRL RTTY Roundup.  I have previously forwarded 
these announcements to the reflectors and didn't keep a copy here at the 
office. I do recall that they are Thursday and Friday local dates and 
that one of them runs at excactly the same time as the CW practice 
Thursday night at 0230-0300Z Friday.

5.  ARRL Straight Key Night (SKN).  24 hours of Friday UCT.  Use a hand 
key or bug.  Send "SKN" instead of "RST" before the signal report.  CW 
ragchews.  Send ARRL a list of stations worked and your vote for the 
best fist heard (not necessarily worked) and your most interesting QSO.

6.  ARRL RTTY Round Up.  18Z Sat to 24Z Sun.  (maximum 24 hours). 
80-10M RTTY, Digital.  Exchange:  RST + S/P or Serial # for stations 
outside US and Canada.  Club competition.

7.  EUCW 160M Contest.  2000-2300Z Sat and 0400-0700Z Sun.  160M CW 
only.  Exchange:  RST + Name + Affiliated Club + member # (or "NM" for 
non member).  Affiliated clubs include FOC and FISTS.  Each station can 
be worked once per session.

8.  Kids Day Contest.  18-24Z Sun.  80 - 10M (including 17 and 12M) SSB 
plus two meter repeaters.  Exchange:  Name + Age + Favorite Color.

9.  80M QRP Fox Hunts.  Tuesday night.  Rules same as for 40M Thursday 
night Fox Hunts except frequencies are 3550-3570 kHz.  Scheduled foxes 
for Tuesday are NG7Z Paul in WA and W8RU Ron in MI.

Happpy New Year to all.  Hope everyone has a good week and a lot of 
QSOs.  Low frequency bands are pretty good right now.  Good idea to take 
advantage of the opportunity for good DX on those bands while it lasts.

73,  John, K4BAI.

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