[SEDXC] Senior Exemption

Neil Foster archernf at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 2 12:35:53 PDT 2010

Just found out something interesting that may save some $$$. If you 
are over 65 and you have a vehicle that is 10 years old, or older, 
and you drive it less than 5,000 miles a year you can get an emission 
exemption. :-)
Your name must be on the first line of the tag application.    Go 
here:     http://www.cleanairforce.com/motorists/seniorexemptions.php
With our 1992 Miata it qualifies easily. So if you have a vehicle 
that fits these parameters go to www.cleanairforce.com at the above 
link. If you are not yet 65, be patient.

Neil Foster  N4FN

"Let us not accept mediocrity in the guise of building self esteem."

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