[SEDXC] PJ status

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Fri Oct 15 15:27:00 PDT 2010

The biggest problem is the shortage of PJ2 operations.  So far I only have 
two, PJ2T on 40 and PJ2/W5MPC on 15.  PJ6A and PJ7E are on all of than bands 
and can be worked barefoot.  PJ4 has several operations but mostly on 20 to 
There have been several PJ5 portable stations which counts the same as PJ6.

I have yet to hear PJ6A or any of the PJ5's on 12.  Yesterday a FS/N4 came 
up on 12 and finally today I could hear and work PJ7E on 12.  I worked PJ6A 
on 17 but it was a backscatter QSO over Southern Europe.  Evey time they are 
posted on the spots I listen on 12 but so far no signal.  But hearing the FS 
and PJ7E maybe there will be some noise from PJ6A on 12 before long.

I ran my QSOs through the available log look ups and so far the only QSO 
missing is my PJ6A 75 meter QSO at 0503 on 14 Oct.  I sent Chaz a note but 
reading the web page its very clear that they will wait until its over so I 
guess I will work then again on 75 this weekend.  Maybe the PJ4 stations 
might show on 40 and 75 too.

Hopefully everyone who uses the county codes with LoTW et al saw the message 
from Bill at the ARRL DX desk.  They won't be any good until Jan 1 anyway.

I just started looking on Wednesday afternoon so this report is from Oct 13 
to now.

73 Dave K4JRB 

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