[SEDXC] Sell TS-480SAT, RemoteRig RRC-1258 MK II and Hustler 6BTV

Don Nesbitt n4hh at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 16:15:00 PDT 2010

Given my really terrible circumstances for playing radio I've been exploring the world of "remote" operations.  I've been very successful with computers at both ends but wanted to explore the "no computer" possibilities offered by the RemoteRig system offered by Mikael, SM2O.  You may have read a review of it in the May 2010 issue of QST under Short Takes.

The idea is pretty slick.  Basically you take the detachable control head (in this case from the TS-480SAT) and an RRC-1258 MkII black box with you and that allows you to connect over the web to your RF unit (and another little black box) and antenna back home.  Of course, you do need an Internet connection at both ends but voila! no computers!  And - it's just like sitting in front of the radio because you are using the control head!  The Codec's are built in and there is so little latency that good CW is easily obtained in addition to superb audio.  Of course you can use a computer if you wish and it will work with pretty much any rig.  This was my latest effort and I'm ready now to move on.  You can read about the RRC at:  http://www.remoterig.com/

BTW - getting this to work is not for sissies - it's NOT plug and play and requires diddling with your router, port forwarding, IP addresses and aliases, etc!

I bought the TS-480SAT used (I'd give it a 10 electrically and 8.5 appearance) for $735 and paid $484 for the RRC new.  I understand that HRO is going to start carrying the RRC but don't know what their price will be.

I'd like to sell the TS-480SAT and RRC's together.  The 6BTV is being sold separately.

So - here's the deal but it's ONLY for SEDXC or NFARL club members at this price - it pays to pay your dues!

Buy the whole set-up (not including the antenna) for $875 (I've got $1219 invested)

OR individually - the TS-480SAT (includes manual, mic, cables and extra mic adapter for 8 pin mics) for $625

- the RRC-1258 MK II set-up for $375

Hustler 6BTV (sort of - the top is the standard RM-75 rated at 400 watts on 80 - other bands are a KW or more) in good condition and includes the DX Engineering DXE-AOK-DCF Direct Coax Feed accessory (cost $22.95), instructions, all clamps and a very heavy duty temporary "base mount." The base mount is a cast aluminum base with very heavy weight for use with a patio umbrella. I paid $129 for it and it does stay put!  Eat your Wheaties - it's heavy!  Sell, including base for $140.

I've loaded a few fairly poor photos on flickr for your looking pleasure!

See them at:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/n4hh

Thanks for the read and please contact me off list if you are interested.

'73 es gud dxing -- Don N4HH 404-218-3595 quickest and best way to get me.


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