[SEDXC] AT&T U-VERSE problem thread on QRZ.com

David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Sun Sep 12 19:52:14 PDT 2010

My original post was in reference to two locals who are also hams who tried 
U-Verse.  One referred  me to a forum on QRZ that really pans
U-Verse.  The local running 100 watts on 20 CW
would freeze his TV along with a neighbor across the street.  The ham who 
started the QRZ forum
had major TVI problems all over his sundivision.

I have had Comcast cable for a long time. They started as a local cable 
company then became Mediaone and finally Comcast.  Comcast does have outage 
problems at times both on their lines and especially feeds to individual 
houses.  Their cable is often poorly buried in the ground so lawn mowers and 
those dethatch machines do cut the cables.  Good luck on getting Comcast to 
come out and fix that but with their lines outside they get right on it.

I have had a fiber optic cable in the house since 2004 when we installed 
DSL.  All AT&T could offer was Ultra which is much too slow for on line 
gaming at max 1.7.  We ran the speed tests and at the son'd PC it rarely 
reached .8 ot .9 mps.  AT&T has been installing fiber optic all over the 
entire area but still was only able to offer Ultra DSL so I had no choice 
but to get Comcast high speed internet.  I will not switch to Comcast for 
land line service but that is all AT&T has with me now.

My son bought a four core Dell Processor over one year ago and after having 
downloads cut off and getting kicked off games in mid stream we finally got 
Comcast at 12 mps.

If you get U-Verse with anything less than Extreme Plus DSL please don't try 
to do on line gaming.

The U-Verse TVI/RFI problem usually goes away when fiber optic is installed 
at least to the house.
My sister lives on St. Simons and only has phone lines but has extreme DSL. 
But they have another telephone company that does not offer U-verse.

73 Dave K4JRB

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