[SEDXC] Tag Fees

R. Winston Whitlock, Jr wa4pbw at comcast.net
Thu May 5 05:03:11 PDT 2011

It's the principle of the thing. My cars aren't hidden from other taxes by belonging to my company or anything like that. So I pay the full tilt. What I hope happens is like what the State pulled with the so called "super speeder" law. You remember that speeding law that was to generate "millions" of dollars for speeders exceeding the limit by 20 or more miles per hour? Well, that never generated anywhere near the "millions" that were proposed. I guess Georgians don't speed that much after all! Ham tag fees won't generate anywhere near the revenue the State thinks they will get. Same with the Hope Scholarship. It isn't broke, it's being abused by our government schools padding the grades of students who never deserved a high school diploma much less a paid college education!

Here ends the epistle!

R. Winston Whitlock, Jr

73s From WA4PBW
10-X # 15766, New South #89

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