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Winston & others

This reflector is not and never has been a forum for political dribbles. 
Please honor that.

Bill N4NX

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> It's the principle of the thing. My cars aren't hidden from other taxes by 
> belonging to my company or anything like that. So I pay the full tilt. 
> What I hope happens is like what the State pulled with the so called 
> "super speeder" law. You remember that speeding law that was to generate 
> "millions" of dollars for speeders exceeding the limit by 20 or more miles 
> per hour? Well, that never generated anywhere near the "millions" that 
> were proposed. I guess Georgians don't speed that much after all! Ham tag 
> fees won't generate anywhere near the revenue the State thinks they will 
> get. Same with the Hope Scholarship. It isn't broke, it's being abused by 
> our government schools padding the grades of students who never deserved a 
> high school diploma much less a paid college education!
> Here ends the epistle!
> R. Winston Whitlock, Jr
> 73s From WA4PBW
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