David Thompson thompson at mindspring.com
Mon Jan 27 21:20:48 EST 2014

Thanks to Mike K4PI for his updates.  FT5ZM is at an antipode from our area 
so on most bands can come from multiple paths.

I noticed last night that (with OH2BH operating) they were coming from about 
10 degrees.  They faded out here but West Coast, W0 and W9 continued to work 
them.  A couple of hours later with K4UEE operating they were back to S6 to 
7 and coming SP 20.  I have not been around in the morning but I suspect 
they were coming LP which varies from SW to NW.  Many of you may have 
noticed this with VK6.  Heard Island which is nearby (500 miles or so) was 
tricky for me to catch on both 10 and 40.

I have not looked at the sunrise/sunset times but we may have a short window 
on 80.

73 Dave K4JRB

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