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Dick Dievendorff dieven at comcast.net
Tue Jul 1 18:33:03 EDT 2008

Some have argued that a local CWSkimmer, being technology and not human, is
not "assistance". They argue that "assistance" means "human assistance" and
not "non-human technology assistance". Since CWSkimmer is non-human, it
therefore should be allowed in SO.

A packet cluster and the older VHF spotting networks (up until a year ago)
are spotting, involve humans, and have some aspects of remote receiving.
Use of these have been permitted in the SOA and multi-op categories.

A pure CWSkimmer cluster, as distinct from other spotting networks, is
spotting, does not involve humans, and have some aspects of remote

Some argue that a CWSkimmer cluster is "remote receiver", and not available
in any category, including multi-op and SOA.  Why?  Because it's technology
and not people?  If I introduce one manual packet spot into a CWSkimmer
cluster, does that make it not a remote receiver?  I don't get the
distinction between a CWSkimmer cluster (spotting assistance from offsite
means) and a PacketCluster network, other than PacketCluster involves
offsite humans.

TODAY if I operate alone and use no spotting tools, I'm SO.
If I operate alone and use packet cluster, I'm SOA.
If I have a guy in my shack tuning around, it's multi-op. We also can use
If I have a crew in my shack tuning around and also using packet cluster,
it's multi-op.
If I connect to a packet cluster spotting network, feeding me spots from
other people using remote receivers, it's SOA.

TOMORROW if I am alone and use a local CWSkimmer, I'm either SO or SOA or
SOU or SOL (depending on who you ask).

If I operate alone and connect to a public CWSkimmer spotting network, fed
by spots from other CWSkimmer owners using remote receivers, it's "not
permitted" because it's remote receivers?  I don't see this one as distinct
from the packet cluster.  I think this one is SOA, not SOL.

If I connect to a public packet spotting network that is fed by humans as
well as CWSkimmer owners, then I'm multi-op or SOA, but I'm certainly no
more "remote receiver" than I was before CWSkimmers were added to the packet
spotting net.

I'm trying to determine what "assistance" means.  Is it "other people"?  Is
it "off site"?  Is it "spotting"?  Which is it?

If it's "other people", then SO permits local CWSkimmer AS WELL AS a pure
CWSkimmer cluster, but not packet cluster.
If it's "off site", then SO permits local CWSkimmer, but neither CWSkimmer
cluster nor packet cluster.
If it's "spotting", then SO does not allow local CWSkimmer, CWSkimmer
cluster, or packet cluster.

Dick, K6KR

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> The contest organizers created SOA to mean "SO + spotting help using 
> the efforts of other people".

What is the source that provided you with this information?

Stan, K5GO 

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