[Skimmertalk] Archive?

K0HB k-zero-hb at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 30 17:19:43 EDT 2008

> However, since the regulatory agencies have decided
> that the ability to copy CW by ear is no longer a
> license requirement and it is no longer a requirement
> for operating CW, I do not see how any contest
> sponsor - either a for profit corporation like CQ
> or a "non-profit" like ARRL - can possibly disallow 
> the use of CW decoders in any category. 

While the current regulations do not require demonstration of Morse skills,
neither do they prohibit an individual from acquiring that skill in order
to fully participate in every category of radio sport.  

If they chose to use aids like CW decoders, SCP, or Skimmer they should be
free to compete in categories where such implements are accepted.  The
rules to operate in a particular contest category are not driven by the
Americans with Disabilities Act.

> Whether anyone likes it, the regulatory change requires that 
> CW decoders be treated the same as "copy by ear."  

Why in the world is that true?  

The regulatory change does not prohibit anyone from learning Morse code and
participating in a "non-aided" CW contest category.

73, de Hans, K0HB

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