[Skimmertalk] Archive?

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Mon Jun 30 17:38:31 EDT 2008

Joe, I truly am amazed at your ability to fabricate such erroneous 
conclusions.  There is no relationship whatsoever between the regulatory 
requirements to get an amateur radio license and the rules for any 
particular contest.

*  I'm allowed to operate on any amateur band from DC to light, yet most 
contest sponsors specify only certain bands for their event, and 
restrict me to operating on only one band if I want to enter a single 
band category.

*  I'm not legally restricted to 1500 watts power output yet some 
contest sponsors limit operation to 100 watts or less for their event.

*  I'm legally allowed to use RTTY in the CW portions of most bands, yet 
most contest sponsors specify only CW for their (CW) event.

*  I'm legally allowed to have my buddy sit at a second receiver in the 
shack and work up a list of stations for me to work, yet most contest 
sponsors prohibit that for single-op categories.

*  I'm legally allowed to spread my rigs and antennas over an entire 
county if I so chose, or even to use a remote receiver in another state 
(or country!), yet most contest sponsors specify a maximum radius for 
all equipment.

* I'm legally allowed to operate a totally remote contest station 
(subject to certain monitoring and control requirements), yet even you 
have adamantly argued for their prohibition during a contest.

===>   I am legally allowed to operate an amateur radio station without 
being able to copy a single letter of Morse code, but that does not in 
any manner prevent a contest sponsor from defining a category that 
requires me to do so.  <===

Dave   AB7E

Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:
> However, since the regulatory agencies have decided that the 
> ability to copy CW by ear is no longer a license requirement 
> and it is no longer a requirement for operating CW, I do not 
> see how any contest sponsor - either a for profit corporation 
> like CQ or a "non-profit" like ARRL - can possibly disallow 
> the use of CW decoders in any category.  
> Whether anyone likes it, the regulatory change requires that 
> CW decoders be treated the same as "copy by ear."  

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