[Skimmertalk] New version of RigSync available for download

Edward Russell ehr at qrv.com
Wed Dec 9 07:28:40 PST 2009

Hi Joe,

Several people have reported a problem getting ICOM rigs to work with
RigSync. I hope to get a fix for this but can't promise as I don't have an
ICOM rig. I will post here if and when I have a solution. If any reader has
found a way to make ICOM rigs track frequency properly, please post here or
contact me.

73 Ed W2RF

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> Sent: Thursday, December 03, 2009 2:38 AM
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> Subject: [Skimmertalk] New version of RigSync available for download
> Ed, I hate to bug you with a problem  but maybe you can steer me quickly
> in the right direction.
> I am attempting to use RigSync with Skimmer and an Icom 7800.
> Everything talks to RigSync but clicking on the spots in Skimmer will
> not change the freq on the rig.
> A little background.  I can see the results of clicking on a spot in the
> RigSync monitor ie:
> 00:33:36 SK Click N2KW @ 1818.0
> 00:33:36 Tuning rigs to 1818.0
> Sync'd
> and the frequency display changes in the RigSync interface screen but,
> the radio never moves with one exception.  If I change the mode from cw
> to ssb for example and change back to cw the rig will qsy.  RigSync is
> talking to the rig because I can change modes and the radio responds to
> the mode selection.  I have tried every combination in the setups that I
> can think of but no clicking on spots in skimmer will change the
> frequency of the radio.
> One last item, The quick start link that I believe Pete wrote, is not
> valid for this version of RigSync as far as  I can tell.  There is no
> way of designating Rig 2 as Skimmer in the Radio options.  Also, the
> quick start indicates that once you clik the sync button on the
> interface RigSync will pick up the frequency of the VFO's.  In all my
> playing around it never did that at all.
> So, I am totally out in left field.  Is there something obvious that I
> am missing ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Joe K8FC

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