[Skimmertalk] VE7CC CC User telnet tool modified for Skimmer spots

Wes Cosand wes.cosand at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 13:20:35 PST 2009


Some contesters would like to use CC User from VE7CC to log into several
spot sources before piping the aggregated spots to their contesting software
but the format of Skimmer spots was causing a problem.  The "-#" on the
source call was not what CC User was expecting.

Consequently, Lee modified his software.  To obtain the new fix, install
VE7CC CC User and get it working with a DX Cluster spot source.  Then
download a modified copy of the file, ve7cc.exe, from this location:

Replace the copy of ve7cc.exe in your working directory with this new file.
Then add the Skimmer telnet address to the list of nodes in the

Subsequent revisions of the software will include this modification.

To link Skimmer spots and regular spots for local use, get multiple
instances of CC User running connected to the multiple spot sources, making
certain that "Enable Linking" is checked.  Lee gives these instructions:
1)  Click on the icon to start the program.
2  Connect to Skimmer.
3)  Start a second instance of the program by clicking the icon again.
4)  Connect to a regular cluster node, such as VE7CC-1.
5)  You should see all spots on the first instance.

Wes, WZ7I

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