[Skimmertalk] 160M Skimmer Observations

Fri Dec 4 10:53:31 PST 2009

Try watching the raw text and see if it is decoding anything useful.  It may
be that it is too noisy and while it decodes it gets e's or other garbage
before or after the call so it can't pick it out enough times to generate a
verified call in the output.  There may be some differences in the dsp
algorithms, bin widths or something like that, but alex would have to answer
to that.

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> I was monitoring just callsigns.  However, decoding accuracy really isn't
> my
> primary point.  My primary point is that a signal which is consistently
> shown by SpectraVue to be anywhere from 4 to 10 dB above its display of my
> local 160M noise floor is only occasionally shown as an extremely faint
> trace by CW Skimmer even though both software applications used the same
> SDR-IQ receiver and RX antenna (not at the same time, of course).  It made
> me wonder if there was some "minimum signal threshold" used by CW Skimmer
> and if, perhaps, that threshold was set too high for a quiet night on 160
> (at least in my part of the country).
> Rick
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