[Skimmertalk] bad frecuencies spot

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Thu Dec 15 18:04:35 PST 2011

Replies interspersed in Jorge's message

73, Pete N4ZR

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On 12/15/2011 5:50 PM, Jorge Diez - CX6VM wrote:
> thanks for all the replies.
> I don´t know if it´s a better way to fill N1MM bandmap with Skimmer spots,
> than the N1MM Telnet windows?
None.  However, you can improve spot quality significantly by your 
filter setup on the cluster node to which you are connected.
> What´s the RBN's ARCluster V6 Pete talked about? It´s a software? Could you
> please give me the url to download it' I cannot found it.

ARCluster.reversebeacon.net, port 7000.
> What I noticed was that I wanted to go to a spot, click the call in the
> bandmap and the radio (K3) went to 28033.5 and finally I founded the station
> in 28032.5 for example, not in 28033.4 or 28033.3 that will not be a problem
> for me.
> This was strange, K1TTT´s spot in 28119 when I was running in 28062:
> NC7J	K	NA	28062.6	10m	CW5W	CX	SA	CQ	10
> 11/12/2011 17:51
> W3LPL	K	NA	28062.8	10m	CW5W	CX	SA	CQ	26
> 11/12/2011 17:51
> K1TTT	K	NA	28119.3	10m	CW5W	CX	SA	CQ	10
> 11/12/2011 17:52
> W8WTS	K	NA	28062.7	10m	CW5W	CX	SA	CQ	18
> 11/12/2011 17:52
> N2AET	K	NA	28063.3	10m	CW5W	CX	SA	CQ	24
> 11/12/2011 17:57

Dave had something peculiar going on.  Dave and the RBN team have not 
figured out, but in some not all) cases he was spotting 125 KHz high.

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