[Skimmertalk] Antennas for Skimmer radios?

John Reilly reillyjf at comcast.net
Tue Dec 20 12:31:11 PST 2011

I'm using a Pixel Magnetic Loop (RF Pro-1B) mounted at 10 ft; however, 
it is surrounded by 25 ft houses!  I'm planning to move my loop up to 25 
ft plus next Spring to see if getting it at or above the houses will 
improve performance.  I also have a Clifton Labs vertical, but it 
doesn't seem to perform as well as the mag loop.

I also studied the N6TV stats and asked K3LR what they were using -- 
vertical(s) (I assume they are active). I use a QS1R.
   - 73, John, N0TA

On 12/20/2011 12:09 PM, H Lawrence Serra wrote:
> Pete N4ZR suggested I put this out to the group:
> I would like to hear from skimmer ops on what ANT systems they are using for
> their skimmers.
> I am in the SW corner of the US, on the wrong (west) side of close-by Mt.
> Soledad and have roof space-limited ANTs. I use a PA0RDT active mini-whip ANT
> about 5 ft above my roof for my SDR-IQ radio which feeds the skimmer. I was
> surprised to see from N6TV's RBN stats that I have the lowest SNR average for
> signals of reported RBN skimmers, and post only 1/5 the spots N6TV had and 1/10
> the spots WA7LNW had from my part of the country.
> I have tried putting my 2-el Steppir yagi pointed 045T on the skimmer when I am
> not contesting, and even that little extra gain results in more skimmer spots
> from NA and EU. My plan now is to find a used A3 tri-bander that I can cut down
> to a 2-el due to space limitations and because I want a broad beam width. I plan
> to use a coupler to feed both the active mini-whip and the 2-el yagi to the
> skimmer's feedline, so I don't have to mechanically switch ANTs when SkimScan
> switches to the low bands at night.
> Anyway, I would be interested in what SDR or other radio you use, and what
> ANT(s) you use for your skimmers.
> 73, Larry N6NC
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