[Skimmertalk] Cheap Skimmer 24/7 ANT Switch; ANT cutoff hang timer for skimmer radios

H Lawrence Serra hlserra at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 20 13:58:33 PST 2011

Some respondents have mentioned the possibility of switching skimmer ANTs for 
low and high bands. Attached is an article I wrote for NCJ about using a cheap 
lamp timer and an old Dow-Key 110vac relay to switch ANTs for day and night 

Also attached is a schematic for an ANT cutoff hang timer that I had built to 
cutoff and ground the ANT input at the SDR-IQ and RA6790 radios when I am keying 
QSK CW. On key down the normally open contacts on the xmtr close, cutoff occurs 
immediately and "hangs" for the adjustable period of time, protecting the radios 
from high RF levels, as my ANTs are very close together.

I thought these might be useful to some of your skimmers.

73, Larry N6NC

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