[Skimmertalk] "Index out of bounds" error in Agg 2.01 - how to fix

Pete Smith N4ZR n4zr at contesting.com
Tue Jan 31 11:25:48 PST 2012

The problem has been fixed.  If you start Aggregator 2.01 now you will 
no longer get the error.  For connoisseurs of such things, it was caused 
by inadvertent corruption of the beacons.csv file that is on the RBN 
server.  When Aggregator starts up, it checks to see if its file is the 
same as the one on the server, and if not, it downloads a replacement.  
This morning we added a bunch of beacons identified by one of our 6M 
friends, and in the process corrupted the file on the server, so as each 
of us started his Agg, he got the error.  It is fixed now, so you can 

Felipe asked me to apologize to you all, but I think we can cut him a 
little slack - he's in Rio with his wife and new baby boy (their first), 
born last Wednesday night a month early.  Everyone's fine, but Felipe's 
a little distracted.:-)

73, Pete N4ZR
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