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Mon Jan 30 17:08:52 PST 2012

  I bow and touch my sweaty forehead to your feet, several times!
  Sure enough, changed the MME device (which seem to be assigned to a 
webcam on this PC) to WDM, and there was no eror message and normal 
Skimmer operation when I started CW Skimmer!
  Since I never intended to use Skimmer on this PC with audio, I didn't 
pay any attention to the Audio configuration. I will not make that 
error again. 
  Now I can travel back to Ohio satisfied that there are no mysteries 
left at this site to be pondered until my return here. 
  (BTW, I made good use of WinTelnetX this past weekend, too, to 
combine the spots from two instances of Skimmer on my laptop and make 
them available to Writelog's "Incoming-only packet" window: thanks!)
  73,  Jeff K8ND

On Tue, 31 Jan 2012 00:24:46 +0000, K1TTT <K1TTT at ARRL.NET> wrote:
My guess would be is that its not the sdr-iq that is the problem, more 
likely it’s the audio output device. Check the audio tab of the 
settings dialog, it may be showing a non-existent sound card, or maybe 
the card is one that adds or removes ports when you plug things in. 
vista/win7 are bad for that, if you start a program like cw skimmer or 
n1mm that makes a list of sound ports the index numbers can be changed 
out from under it by changing something in the windows control panel 
for the sound card or just by plugging in or unplugging something. The 
fix may be as simple as closing the skimmer, reopening it, selecting a 
different audio output device, and running. 
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> SkimmerFolk:
> I ran into a problem installing CW Skimmer to one of the PJ2T shack 
> computers. It's running Windows 7 Home Premium. I use an SDR-IQ 
> reciever (actually, I have three here, two were running on my 
> laptop). Installed CW Skimmer to a 'C:\CW Skimmer Installed\CW 
> Skimmer\' directory. Successfully installed/registered the sdrIQx110 
> DLL. Installed SpectraVue v3.22. Plugged in SDR-IQ to a USB port. I 
> started CW Skimmer and configured things as normal for an SDR-IQ 
> receiver and my uses (I've been doing this for a while now). Clicked 
> on the 'Start' icon to start the Skimmer action and got the following 
> pop-error box from CW Skimmer:
> "CW Skimmer
> A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system." 
> ...and it will not start. I tried the other two SDR-IQ receivers, and 
> they get the same response from CW Skimmer. I've never encountered 
> this error message before. Any ideas how to resolve this, or what I 
> should look for?
> I started SpectraVue, and it looks like it is working, although 
> (believe it or not) we have *no* PC speakers anywhere in this contest 
> station facility! I see the waterfalls of the expected AM 
> broadcasters and CW signals on the Amateur Bands, but cannot listen 
> to hear them. I depart tomorrow afternoon, and I would like to at 
> least once see this working before I return to Ohio for the next 10 
> months!
> (BTW, the two CW Skimmer instances on my laptop helped me make what 
> appears to be the top Worldwide score in the CQWW 160 CW Contest this 
> past weekend, operating in the Single Operator High Power Assisted 
> category. It appears that my score may be larger than any other 
> station, including the multi-ops! Loves me my CW Skimmers!) 73, Jeff 
> PJ2/K8ND
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