[Skimmertalk] CW Skimmer/LP Bridge/K3

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Tue Feb 19 23:18:27 EST 2013

When CW Skimmer is in 3-kHz audio mode, it only decodes the CW in the audio
passband (3 kHz max), instead of decoding signals over the entire CW band.
 So I am not sure what your goal is.  Do you just want to use CW Skimmer as
a code reader, or do you want it to find signals and post spots for the
entire CW band?  Very few Skimmer are being used in 3 kHz audio mode unless
don't have one of the SDRs that is supports.

Bob, N6TV

On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 2:09 PM, paul ecker <eckerpw at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Bob- thanks for the reply
> - No I have set Hardware type to 3-khz radio and cw pitch at 600, not Soft
> Rock.
> -  I also have set the Skimmer comport to the virtual comport number in LP
> Bridge- so we are OK on this one also.
> - I have found whatever Com Port  you choose in Skimmer is also changed in
> Omni-Rig or vice a versa.
> - And as we speak Skimmer is following the VFO in my K3, I have no idea
> why, it just started to work! Computers......!
> Will keep you posted
> 73 Paul kc2nyu
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> On Sun, Feb 17, 2013 at 10:20 AM, paul ecker <eckerpw at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi- I am new to this lest but I had a question for Alex VE3NEA, and he
> suggested I try you guys:
> I am running a win 7 64 bit PC, 2.4 ghz processor , 4 gb ram.
> - LP Bridge 1.0.0 communicates fine with K3- so far so good.
> - Interface is Signalink USB and I have that selected on the audio tab in
> Skimmer.
> -  I have CW Skimmer 1.8  on a virtual port 2 in LPB.
> -  I am starting K3, then LPB, then connect K3, then start Skimmer virtual
> port, then start CW Skimmer itself.
> - Problem is there is no VFO readout in Skimmer and it doesn't follow the
> K3 VFO freq changing.
> - I am guessing that  CW Skimmmer work thru Omni-Rig, So I tried giving
> Omni-Rig its own virtual port. But that didn't work in that it seems to use
> whatever port Skimmer does. Change in one and it changes in the other.
> -- Guess my real question is where have I messed up, how can I get CW
> Skimmer to show and follow the VFO frequency on the K3?
> Tnx and 73
> Paul
> I haven't used LP-Bridge, but see
> http://www.telepostinc.com/SKIMMER.html
> It looks like you have to set the radio type to SoftRock IF, and set the
> Audio IF frequency to CW Pitch - 6000 (e.g -5400).
> You may also have to set the OmniRig port in CW Skimmer to set "Radio 1"
> to the LP-Bridge OUTPUT port, rather than the K3 port, but I'm not sure.
> Which choice did you select in CW Skimmer, Settings, Radio tab, under
> "Hardware Type"?  If you select "3-kHz Radio" or "Softrock-IF", the "CAT"
> tab appears, and CW Skimmer will calculate the display frequency OK, by
> querying the transceiver via OmniRig, or maybe it queries the LP-Bridge
> "output" port.
> For Hardware type "SoftRock" (not Soft-Rock IF), you have to manually
> enter the SoftRock's LO frequency in the CW Skimmer Settings to get a
> proper frequency displayed in CW Skimmer, and the cursor won't follow the
> radio.  You'll need another program such as Win-Test or N1MM (contest
> loggers) to feed transceiver frequency data to CW Skimmer via TELNET
> commands sent to CW Skimmer's TELNET port.
> 73,
> Bob, N6TV

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