[Skimmertalk] How to handle A/D Clipping?

KD7YZ Bob kd7yz at denstarfarm.us
Fri Jan 11 13:09:54 EST 2013

Hello Skimmertalk people:

On Friday K1TTT used a Straight Key to say:

> I assume you are taking an IF output from the k3 to drive the sdr-iq...


>  If you unplug the sdr-iq from the radio
> does the clipping go away?

so far, after 5 minutes without antenna to SDR-IQ, CW-Skimmer (1.8) still
shows Status 4 A/D .

>   Does it work if you just plug an antenna into
> the sdr-iq?

works fine. Ran the antenna straight in from outside. Went about ten
mins and no A/D problem status.

Trouble is now, after ten mins back on with the K3 set up, the A/D has
not burped yet.

I use Commander and Skimmer->Commander also. S2C is set to not track VFO
though this morning I had it as such.

Just now I changed bands via Commander, on the K3. Instantly the A/D
light went red. If I used the far-left "Start/Stop Radio" button on
Skimmer, on restart the Status=4 was off.

Each time I change bands then the A/D light comes on and I don't think
quits for that session.

So, we're making some progress to figuring it out.

thanks for the help.
de Bob KD7YZ

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