[Skimmertalk] How to handle A/D Clipping?

Fri Jan 11 09:28:54 EST 2013

I assume you are taking an IF output from the k3 to drive the sdr-iq... if
so, maybe the signal is too strong.  If you unplug the sdr-iq from the radio
does the clipping go away?  Does it work if you just plug an antenna into
the sdr-iq?  Have you tried looking at the k3 output with spectravue to see
just that it is sending?  That would let you see all the sdr-iq settings and
measure the output level.

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Hello Skimmertalk people:

I am still quite new with my SDR-IQ so have to ask what to do when the
lower-left Status is color Red and says Status 4 A/D Clipping.

I tried varying the two settings on the HF-Gain & IF-Gain selection for
"SDR-IQ" Radio. IF-Gain seemed to have no effect on the A/D nor on strength
of Rx data. HF-Gain seemed to cause a "Click" in the SDR-IQ sometimes but it
also didn't make the Status-4 go away. And it did appear to effect the
strength of signals on the WF and also what was decoded.

My rig is a K3.


de Bob KD7YZ

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