[Skimmertalk] Aggregator v2.4 question (kaz)

W3OA w3oa at roadrunner.com
Sat May 25 15:33:03 EDT 2013

Version 2.4 of Aggregator included a number of changes to speed up spot 
processing under traffic loads seen during major contests. These 
included removing the ability to scroll back the displays on the Skimmer 
Traffic and Status tabs.

Continuing to use version 2.3 is not a good idea.  It can result in 
spots from your Skimmers being sent to the RBN late.  Because of this 
the RBN rejected spots from earlier versions of Aggregator during the 
ARRL DX contest and I expect this will continue during major contests.

73 - Dick, W3OA

On 5/25/2013 12:00 PM, skimmertalk-request at contesting.com wrote:

[Skimmertalk] Aggregator v2.4 question
kaz <kazeringue at aol.com>
5/24/2013 1:06 PM

skimmertalk at contesting.com

Scrubbed a CPU of Vista in favor of win XP, and loaded newest versions 
of skimmer and aggregator.

I noticed v2.4 of aggregator did not appear to have retained the scroll 
bar on the "skimmer traffic" window.  Is that intentional? Was the 
cumulative history causing aggregator problems when it grew too large? 
[That would possibly explain some crashes here]

For the time being, I wound up falling back to v2.3 so I can use the 
history in the traffic window for debugging my ailing 15m softrock. At 
some point I'll have them all tied together and reporting up to RBN with 
a single aggregator, just not there yet.

Going in to WPX I expect to try to monitor the softrock skimmers here 
for mirror image problems.   Certain to happen with large signals.  The 
dynamic range on 15m is poor, and 20m only slightly better.

tnx es 73 de w4kaz

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