[Skimmertalk] Skimmer Server/QS1R: "Invalid floating point operation" error at startup

Jeffrey Maass K8ND jmaass at k8nd.com
Thu Nov 14 01:22:38 EST 2013

Tracking down some drop-outs when recording Skimmer Server (with QS1R), I
wanted to update the USB driver from version to the newer one, which
I saw mentioned online somewhere as version 1.2.6.

The only way I could find to install a newer version of the USB driver for
the QS1R was to uninstall my ancient copy of SDRMAXII and install the latest
SDRMAXV. I also installed the MS Visual C++ 2010 (x86) stuff, as
MSVCP100.dll was initially reported as missing.

The USB driver is now identified as 'libusbK' version 

SDRMAXV appears to work correctly, but when I shut down SDRMAXV and start
Skimmer Server (version 1.30), I get the message "Invalid floating point
operation".  It seems to skip the step of loading software to the QS1R. 

The Skimmer Server and RBN Aggregator had been running successfully for a
few years before my upgrade activity tonight. 

What have I missed?

73,  Jeff K8ND


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