[Skimmertalk] Couple of questions

David Robbins k1ttt at verizon.net
Tue Dec 20 07:37:10 EST 2016

I found even an i5 that handled cw skimmer server ok was unable to handle
rtty skimmer server.  I run the rtty skimmer server on an i7 box all by
itself and even then it can run out of resources on a contest weekend.

One important setup for the cw skimmer server that isn't on the gui and has
to be edited in the ini file is the CwSegments list.  that gives the parts
of each band that should be cw, I don't think it will create decoders out of
those ranges even if the bandwidth covers them.  for instance the default
for 192khz sample rate on 20m is 14000-14150, so ssb above 14150 should not
affect it.  since 160m is less differentiated that some other bands the
default segment for it is 1800-2000 so noise or ssb or am anywhere in the
band will create decoders, you might want to scale that back so it only
tries to decode below 1850 or 1840.

Rtty skimmer server has the band scope so you can see where it is decoding
and what the rtty segments are inside of the total bandwidth on each band.
That can be handy to spot noise also, but of course you can't listen to it.
on both my cw and rtty skimmer server boxes I always run through cwsl_tee so
I can startup hdsdr to actually look in detail at the waterfalls of all the
bands and listen to things to identify them either as a real signals or some
kind of noise.

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I have a QSR1 and have broadcast band filter on my antenna which currently
is a Cushcraft R8 10-40m.  I am getting over 100 to 200 decoders on 160
cw???  Is there something I need to do with the receiver to adjust the noise
level or something?  I turned off 160 and then I started seeing decoders
popping on 15m and the band is dead. I restarted the QSR1 and that seemed to
stop the 15m issue but the 160 one continues to grow.

I attempted to run an RTTY skimmer on the same computer but it appears to be
under powered to handle the task.  It is an older quad core with 
16 GB of ram.  Adding in the RTTY component was killer.    I guess I 
will try one of my son's older gaming rigs which I think is an I7 and see if
that can handle the load.  I checked my ini files and they are in sync.  Is
there anything else to check before attempt to load up the other machine.  I
am using the 30 day trial of the the RTTYserver.  That should not be an
issue should it?

Thanks for the help


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