[Skimmertalk] Auto rotation of config files

Chuck Gooden Chuck.Gooden at comcast.net
Sat Nov 2 16:02:55 EDT 2019


I am using a RSP2 from SDRPlay for my receiver.  It will allow me to 
scan 3 bands.  Here are the images you requested.

Here is the skimmer traffic, your only concerned with the lines in the 
blue box.  These lines will continue to repeat.  The other lines is when 
I was running the aggregator and skimserver manually.


Here is the SkimmerServer Status

The values in yellow Do not change, The value in red (CPU Load) does 
change between 1.8% to 5%


Chuck K9LC

On 11/2/2019 2:37 PM, N4ZR wrote:
> Hi Chuck - what receiver are you using with Skimsrv?  Please send me a 
> screenshot of your Aggregator's Skimmer Traffic and .ini files tabs.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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> at<http://reversebeacon.net>, now
> spotting RTTY activity worldwide.
> For spots, please use your favorite
> "retail" DX cluster.
> On 11/2/2019 3:01 PM, Chuck Gooden wrote:
>> So I have Skimmer Server up and running, I select the three bands 
>> that I want to skim and hit apply.   I am seeing CQ Spots on my 
>> telnet connection.  So then I start the RBN Aggregator and I see the 
>> spots being sent to the RBN.    The SkimSrv.ini file has been 
>> changed, so I copy and rename the config file to a new name that 
>> indicates the bands that will be skimmed.  I repeat this process for 
>> the four configuations files that will allow me to rotate the skimmer 
>> to different bands based on time of day with the RBN Aggregator.
>> So now I go into the Aggregator ini Files tab and load the config 
>> files and select the times when the particular file will be active.  
>> After doing this I see the skimmerServer is restarted with the 
>> correct bands selected, I also see the CPU load changing too.  I do 
>> not however see any CQ spots detected and I do not see the decouders 
>> in the activity window or ifn the decoder box change.  They remain at 
>> 0.  I also see no spots going to the RBN.
>> So what am I doing wrong?
>> Chuck K9LC
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