[Skimmertalk] RP-16 static IP

Brad Denison brad.denison at gmail.com
Tue Dec 14 14:10:48 EST 2021

I noticed today that during a double power outage that the RP-16 seems to
fall back to the default IP address, likely due to the fact that the router
was not on backup and that the RP-16 lost it's IP.  Would like to confirm I
am making the correct assumptions for dhcpcd.conf to force static IP's:

1) To set static IP I would need to change *both* eth0 and mv10?

2)  Under eth0 and mv10
static ip_address=   (change to desired static IP)
static routers=  (change to router IP)
static domain_name_servers=  (Change to router IP or other DNS

Do I have this correct or am I missing something?


Brad, W1NT
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