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After a grueling 51 day period with no sunspot groups a small solar cycle 24 
sunspot group has emerged in the northern and western hemisphere of the Sun. 
Hopefully it will survive long enough to be numbered by NOAA/SWPC.

As a side note yesterday evening we experienced an unexpected brief (3 hrs) 
but moderately strong (Kp-6) geomagnetic storm. It did not come from a 
geo-effective (Earth facing)  sunspot group associated coronal mass 
ejection. The likely source of the geomagnetic storm was a collapsing solar 
filament on the Sun or and unidentified deep space (out of our solar system) 

My forecast for the above mentioned period of 08/29-09/01/2009 was a Kp 0-2 
(quiet), isolated 3 (unsettled).

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