[NZ4O Spaceweather] No More Propagation Forecasts, Etc

Pete's-DX-Newsdesk dx_newsdesk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 13 06:25:04 PST 2010

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hello Thomas,

This is indeed a sad day for the Amateurs and SWL's, who appreciate all the
hard work that you put into supplying accurate information.

I have obviously missed something along the way?, as I was not aware that
you were getting so much hassle.

Is there any way that we could ask you, to take a loooong deep breath and
reconsider your decision?.

If not? ( and I respect your final decision ), "Thank you" for all the previous
bulletins and information you have supplied to my DX newsdesk readers and
to all the other's who benefit from your free service.

Vy 73 to all at your QTH

de Pete
in Bournemouth, UK 

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