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Thanks Tom for all of your good work.  However, being a criminal investigator for a state organization, It is my opinion from over twenty years of working in law enforcement, that the individuals that are attacking your web site are the worst kind of criminals, because they hide behind a key board and are not even men enough to show themselves.  Tom, I have several programs I use in my line of work, one program, L/E "backtracker" can locate and identify the perpetrators. I have had several cases in the past that my department successfully prosecuted. I am  sure  your state law enforcement has a computer forensic dept that would be very interested concerning you being electronically harassed.  Try them first, if no luck please E-mail me

"Don't let criminals win" 

Ed / N2VRT             

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Guys And Gals just an FYI I have restored my five solar, space, geomagnetic 
eather and radiowave propagation web pages. They were down yesterday 
ecause they were cracked/hacked. I intend to leave them up on the www as an 
ducational resource.

homas F. Giella, NZ4O
akeland, FL, US
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