[NZ4O Spaceweather] December 2013 Solar Maximum ?

Prof Arnaldo Coro Antich coro at enet.cu
Wed Nov 3 06:27:56 PDT 2010

Hi amigo Thomas !

Nice to have you back with us, sharing your valuable know how
with the worldwide radio hobby community !
Keep it going amigo !!!
One question ...
Solar cycle 24 may have not one but two maximums, as it has
happened with previous more active cycles ?

Another question...
The ¨ transportation belts speed measurements ¨ have changed
lately... making you move your forecast of the peak farther into
the cycle ?

In a direct to you e'mail I also asked about the rather unusual
fact that despite four or five active sunspot regions correctly
identified by expert solar astronomers Costa and Catinnotto of the
Catania Astrophysical Observatory... at that same time the daily
microwave 10,7 cms solar flux did not even reached 90 units !!!
So, still looking for an explanation of the lack of correlations
between the daily sunspot count '... Wolf Number Catania, and
the daily microwave 10,7 cms solar flux >!!!

Keep up the good work amigo

73 and DX
YOur friend in Havana
Arnie Coro
radio amateur CO2KK
Host of Dxers Unlimited radio hobby program
Radio Havana Cuba

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