[NZ4O Spaceweather] New NZ4O HF/6M Radiowave PropagationForecast Subscription

Andy ai.egrps at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 07:32:52 PDT 2011


Frankly, I found your response rather offensive and it seems a heck of
a lot more like spam than what you were replying to.  You probably
didn't mean it that way, you are probably just fed up with not getting
the help you want.

But keep in mind, you probably got on this list in the first place by
signing up for it.  And you are fully capable of signing yourself off,
without anyone else doing it for you.  That's the way these email
lists work.  You don't need any password, you don't need to create any

Here's how:

(And this also applies to all the other "Me to"'s out there who want
to unsubscribe.)

Open your web browser and go to

Near the bottom of the page, it says, "To unsubscribe from
Spaceweather, get a password reminder, or change your subscription
options enter your subscription email address:"

Just type your EMAIL address (not a password or any sort of special
code) into the space, and click the "Unsubscribe or edit options"

This brings you to a page with three choices.

The second choice is to Unsubscribe.  Click the "Unsubscribe" button.

It will send a confirmation email to you.  Look for it in your email
inbox.  When it comes, reply to it.  And you're done.

This SHOULD work for you.  It should work for everyone.  Just about
the only reason it wouldn't work, is if you had subscribed to this
list using a different email address that you don't remember anymore.

But remember, there's no harm in staying subscribed to this list.


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