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Paul Webster ka9jwx at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 17 20:30:11 PST 2011

mrohms, your email account has been compromised & clicking on the link in the original email messed up my email account, so I had to change my pass word so I could access my account again. 

73/75 de ka9jwx, Paul Lewis Webster
SKCC #5322
John 3:16
Long:-87.334L (-87*20'3"W)
Lat:41.4967N (41*29'48"N)
Merrillville, Indiana, 46410-3503, USA 

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http://brub    ud  .  pl/   2012best.   php?eid=      64&a=98&          ydasy=273&uw         =18

(The above link infected my yahoo account such that I had to change my password to gain access to my email account. 
Thats why I split it up like that so it would be hard to click on. 
PLW=ka9jwx at yahoo.com)

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