[NZ4O Spaceweather] Upward Trend In Indices Continues

Thomas F. Giella NZ4O thomasfgiella at verizon.net
Wed Jun 1 07:14:13 PDT 2011

As of this morning UTC the solar flux reached 113.8 and the sunspot number 
132, as the upward trend continues. In the past seven day period the daily 
solar flux index (SFI) rose from 79.7 to 113.8 and the daily sunspot number 
(SSN) rose from 23 to 132.

The indices are high enough once again for east-west radiowave propagation 
on 10 meters. Yesterday evening on 10 meters I worked JT1BSA using only 10 
watts SSB to a one foot long steel ruler through an antenna tuner in my 
radio shack.

73 & GUD DX,
Thomas F. Giella, NZ4O
Lakeland, FL, USA
nz4o at arrl.net

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