[NZ4O Spaceweather] New Solar Cycle 24 firsts

Thomas F. Giella NZ4O solarcycle24 at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Mar 6 06:15:07 PST 2011

The daily sunspot number (SSN) has reached 114 and the daily solar flux 
index (SFI) 136.6, both new record high's for solar cycle 24. Like Paul 
McCartney once sang in the 1970's, COMING UP!!!

As I predicted yesterday 10 meters opened up with E-W F2 layer radiowave 
propagation on a global scale. At one point yesterday afternoon I was 
simultaneously working into Europe, Africa, South America, east Asia and 
Australia/New Zealand, simply amazing.

I snagged a new DXCC entity on 10 meters and all bands for that matter, 
E51CG Raratonga, South Cook Islands.

Today 10 meters could be even better, however a partially geoeffective 
(Earth facing) coronal mass ejection (CME) may arrive later today UTC 
03/06/2011 and create minor (Kp-5) geomagnetic storming conditions at high 
latitudes. This could reduce the maximum usable frequency (MUF) below the 10 
meter band for a time.

73 & GUD DX,
Thomas F. Giella, NZ4O
Lakeland, FL, USA
solarcycle24 at tampabay.rr.com

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