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For Thursday February 07, 2013

Solar activity is low as far as the emergence of the number of new sunspot 
groups. Currently there are 4 numbered and 1 new un-numbered sunspot group.

Solar activity is very low as far as the number of new solar flares, 1 solar 
flare occurred. The largest solar flare in magnitude in the past 24 hour 
period was a very small size B6.6, associated with sunspot group #11667.

The daily solar flux index (SFI) has been above 100 for 8 consecutive days, 
currently at 102.8.

The daily sunspot number (SSN) has languished below 100 for 23 consecutive 
days, currently at 58.

The geomagnetic field had been quiet for 4 consecutive days with the Kp 
(planetary) index in the 0-2 range. But the Kp index reached a 3 (unsettled 
geomagnetic conditions) for 6 hours. As follows are the 24 hour period 3 
hour Kp (planetary) intervals 12332111.

The Dst ranged between +11 and -33.

For the latest solar, space & geomagnetic weather data go to 
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indices affect MF, HF and VHF radio wave propagation go to 
http://www.wcflunatall.com/kn4lf5.htm .

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