New Reflector 6 12/18 Re: can I post a "Wanted 243 VFO for Omni D" ? <<That's totally up to the group as a whComments plus A Couple of Questions

Steve Runyon WQ5G 512-838-7008
Tue, 19 Dec 95 15:49:21 -0600

Hooray!! Hats off to Bill for setting this up! 

I was glad to see this, as most of my (admittedly short) ham career 
has been spent operating TenTecs. Plus, I'm a buy American guy anyway 
whenever I can, and haven't found any good reason yet to buy any radio 
equipment other than TenTec and Collins. (Oh yeah, plus my ANCIENT 
National NC-183 receiver I picked up about 20+ years ago.)

I've still got my trusty old Omni D with optional 
external VFO parked at the home QTH (sorry Ron! Wish I had an extra
that I could part with, it sure is handy and I use it a lot). 
Plus my Dad, W5SBE, has a Omni V and Titan that are a joy to 

Only question here is which of us is going to break down first
and buy an Omni VI? The main reason I haven't done it already
is that I keep hoping they'll come out with an optional external
VFO for the Omni VI, just like my Model 243 for the Omni D. (This 
is my only big problem with the V and VI - I really use that 2nd VFO 
a lot!)

Sooo, anybody have any word as to whether TenTec plans to offer such?
Or if a future Omni VII might have it?

Also, are they planning to market a replacement for the Titan? A TT 
fellow I spoke with on the phone a couple of months ago, when confronted
with this question, muttered something about 'new amps under development'
but declined to mention any specifics, model names, etc...

OK, what else? Oh yeah, I submitted my order one of the 400 Hz 
cw filters, but haven't heard from Ron, GW3YDX, yet on where to 
mail the check... probably shoulda ordered 2, as I guess I could
use it in my Omni D also!

73 de Steve WQ5G