FSK connection on Omni VI

Steve Milewski milewski@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 14:15:28 -0800

I recently purchased a KAM Plus tnc and hooked the unit up to my Omni VI
using the FSK connections on the back of the radio.

Shortly thereafter, I started getting reports of severe audio distortion on
SSB. While in QSO with KG4MN, I received another poor audio report.

 I did not mention which radio I was using but DID say that the only thing
that was new was the addition of the KAM Plus.

KG4MN said, "That might be it. We had a similar problem when we had a TNC
hooked up with the OMNI here on the base".

Has anyone else experienced this situation? Better yet, is there a way to
keep the TNC hooked up to the FSK input without causing problems. (And yes,
I have the other connections made as well. I mention the FSK input singly
only to differentiate from using the mic jack).

Thanks for any clues!

Steve Milewski
Ham: AA7FL
 *** Stumps don't lie! ***