Dual VFOs

Steve Runyon WQ5G 512-838-7008 steve@austin.ibm.com
Tue, 19 Dec 95 16:29:25 -0600

Someone pointed out that my other post was a bit confusing, and that the 
second VFO is already present!

>I'm confused Steve .... the VI has VFO A and VFO B, selectable by
>push button. You want a third?

Actually, what I REALLY want
is the ability to LISTEN to TWO FREQS at the same time. The old
Omni D with external VFO offers 6 positions - 4 of them the 
Omni V and VI will do: Rx A/ Tx A; Rx A/ Tx B, etc...

The other two positions allow one to listen to BOTH A and B 
simultaneously and transmit on either freq A or freq B. This option
is not available with the current Omnis. 

I find this really speeds up my ability to find the current 
QSO when a DX station is operating split. It is also quite handy in 
DX contests: on 40m I can call CQ and listen below 7100 as well as 
on my transmit freq. It can be handy in a 40m ragchew when 
some of the stations are transmitting below 7100 and others above 
7150 - I am much less likely to transmit on the wrong
frequency with my Omni D!

I assume (perhaps wrongly?) that this would take extra hardware in 
addition to the 2nd VFO to do the mixing, etc.,  and that it would make 
sense to offer as an external box since most folks probably would have
no need for it.

73 de Steve