Radio interfaces

Jim Hollenback
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 07:42:31 -0800

On Dec 20,  1:12am, Rein Couperus wrote:
> Subject: Re: Radio interfaces
> I was having trouble with the TR link to my OMNI VI during CQWW95 CW. I am
> not sure
> whether the cause of the problem is the RIG or the PROGRAM. The symptoms are
> follows:
> 1: The interface will not work on 9600 baud.
> 2: At 4800 baud, the link will run for about 5 to 15 (sometimes 30) minutes,
>    and then stop. The freq. display will disappear from the TR-Log screen.
>    This problem can be cured with switching the rig off and on..
>    (I think this is definitely asking too much during an event like the one
>    mentioned above.) An RS 232 indicator in the radio port shows polling
> activity, but
>    apparently no data...
> 3: At 1200 baud, same effect as in point 2:, but THE PROCESSOR OF THE OMNI
> DEAD !!         Happened during some of the first QSO's during CQWW.
>    Remedy: switching rig off and on again.

I think there is a combination of firmware and software problems on
the OMNI-VI RS-232 interface. I have used WriteLog with the interface
and speeds over 2400 baud causes the main tuning dial to lock on 0.85 kHz
per turn and the only way to recover is a hard reset on the radio ...
try that during a contest :-( I occasionally saw other strange happenings
but was not able to reproduce them.

The frustrating thing is that CT runs along at 9600 baud without a
wimper. From casual conversation with the folks at TT, it seems K1EA
managed to get a radio or two for testing. I know W5XD didnot and I think
I was about the only one testing his OMNI interface.

It looks like K1EA figured out something on the interface that is not
quite obvious from reading the manual.

Hopefully after the holidays I will have more time to look into the
interface on the OMNI and perhaps have something I can get the factory
to look at, but since it took over a year to get their attention on the
RIT clear and speed, I don't look for any quick solution.

73, Jim, WA6SDM