Tentec Radio interfaces

Bill Fisher KM9P km9p@akorn.net
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 10:40:36 -0500 (EST)

Jim brings up a very good point about K1EA.  Ken being the "first guy on 
the block" in contesting software has had alot things that Dave and Tree 
have not.  Like Tentec sending him radios.

When I was active in beta testing CT and NA, we found that there were 
quite of few differences between Icom models and their firmware.  An 
IC-761 does some weird things esspecially when trying to program split 
operation.... last I heard it can't be done... correctly.

Regarding the Tentec... Would it not be prudent for someone to send Tree 
a Omni-6 to test?  I'll send him mine after the ARRL DX contests if 
nobody else wants to.  Of course I will require Tree to operate from Or 
in the SS from now on!