Radio interfaces

Larry Tyree
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 08:52:33 -0800

WA6SDM writes and N6TR responds:

> > 1: The interface will not work on 9600 baud.

TR doesn't support 9600 baud.  This is the one tradeoff I had to make to
elminate any use of IRQs.  I can support 4800 baud which works just fine
for all the applications I have seen.

> I think there is a combination of firmware and software problems on
> the OMNI-VI RS-232 interface. I have used WriteLog with the interface
> and speeds over 2400 baud causes the main tuning dial to lock on 0.85 kHz
> per turn and the only way to recover is a hard reset on the radio ...
> try that during a contest :-( I occasionally saw other strange happenings
> but was not able to reproduce them.

I agree with this summary.  When I had the Omni VI (borrowed from Ten
Tec last year) I had this same problem.  It seemed the firmware in
the radio wasn't up to being polled every second for frequency
information and would hang up.

> The frustrating thing is that CT runs along at 9600 baud without a
> wimper. From casual conversation with the folks at TT, it seems K1EA
> managed to get a radio or two for testing. I know W5XD didnot and I think
> I was about the only one testing his OMNI interface.

This is interesting.  I think there is a way to set up the radio so it
tells you if the frequency has changed.  Perhaps Ken is using that 
feature instead of constantly polling the radio.  However, it would be
better for TenTec to fix their firmware.  It would also be nice to have
commands to bump the RIT up/down, and the same for the VFO.  I wish they
had chosen the Kenwood interface instead of Icom's.

> Hopefully after the holidays I will have more time to look into the
> interface on the OMNI and perhaps have something I can get the factory
> to look at, but since it took over a year to get their attention on the
> RIT clear and speed, I don't look for any quick solution.

Yes, they didn't seem very interested in my ideas on how to improve the
interface.  This was quite disappointing as I had hoped to develop a
good working relationship with them.  There loss in my opinion.

Tree N6TR