Radio interfaces

Jim Hollenback
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 10:27:53 -0800

On Dec 20,  8:52am, Larry Tyree wrote:
> Subject: Re: Radio interfaces
> WA6SDM writes and N6TR responds:
> <snip>

> This is interesting.  I think there is a way to set up the radio so it
> tells you if the frequency has changed.  Perhaps Ken is using that
> feature instead of constantly polling the radio.  However, it would be
> better for TenTec to fix their firmware.  It would also be nice to have
> commands to bump the RIT up/down, and the same for the VFO.  I wish they
> had chosen the Kenwood interface instead of Icom's.

Good point ... and that does raise some interesting avenues to explore.
Prior to 9.26 I fibbed and told CT that my radio was a IC735 (uses the
factory default address of 04). WriteLog polled, it also seemed problems
were less sever if the polling was cut down to the 1 sec range instead of
500 msec or less ... perhaps a good start would be to look for the
tell-me-when-you-change-your-frequency command.

> Yes, they didn't seem very interested in my ideas on how to improve the
> interface.  This was quite disappointing as I had hoped to develop a
> good working relationship with them.  There loss in my opinion.

Perhaps some exposure on the internet will help the thought process. It
seemed after they were raked over the coals on cq-contest the reception
seemed to improve. It took a couple weeks, but then there was a change of
heart. I'm not positive, but from a very terse private communication I
believe someone still close to TT got them to see the light.  But then,
KM9P noted less than enthusiastic response for support of the TT reflector.

Thanks for the input Tree!

73, Jim, WA6SDM