Corsair Spec, pse?
Sun, 21 Apr 1996 13:02:42 +0000

Please would somebody tell me specs of the Corsair models?  I'm 
interested in getting one and would like to compare it with the 
Century 22 that I had and the Argosy II that I have.

Power supply - is it 12V Dc or mains?
TX output - max and min on CW  (I enjoy QRP)
Does it provide for an FSK input?
RX filtering - standard and options.  Is there a tunable notch?
AGC - is it IF or AF-derived?
What bands are covered?
Is the VFO synthesized or the classic Ten-Tec PTO?
What's the difference twixt Corsair and Corsair II?
What else should I have asked?

Thanks for any answers.  73 de John, G3RHP