AutoTuner, Amp and Power Supply For Sale

Steve Zettel
Tue, 6 Aug 1996 21:59:36 -0600

Model 253 Automatic HF Antenna Coupler, 2KW maximum. 10:1 VSWR matching
range, any phase angle, 1.8-30 Mhz. $700.00 + shipping. UPS COD via cash or
certified check.

Model 420 Hercules II Solid State Linear Amplifier. 500 W PEP, QSK,
auto-bandswitching with Omni V or VI or band info input. Requires 80 Amps
for full power out at 12 VDC input.

Model 9420 115/230 VAC Power Supply for Hercules II. Remotely controlled
from Hercules II via 6' power cable. Supplies 80 Amps to Amp and 20 Amps to
exciter at 13.7 VDC.

All cables (Model 264 combination "Y" control cable, Model 236 control
cable, Model 9422 DC cable/12 pin Molex, etc) for interfacing the Automatic
Antenna Coupler, Hercules II and Omni V/VI for automatic operation.

All function perfectly and are in excellent condition, with perhaps one or
two very minor use marks. All original Manuals and packing (except packing
for Model 9420 Power Supply).

I prefer to sell the Herc II/Power supply as a unit, best offer over
$1400.00 + shipping. UPS COD via cash or certified check. Or, make me very
happy and take the whole magilla for $2000.

Please respond direct via e-mail, I will phone back for serious
offers/additional information. I work shift work so I'd rather not give out
my unpublished phone number. I will respond to ALL inquiries in the order
received via e-mail.

I thought I'd give the folks on the Ten Tec reflector first shot before
posting to the Usenet newsgroups, since you've been such a helpful and
supportive bunch.

Thanks for the bandwidth,

Steve Zettel KJ7CH
Libby, MT