What's up?

Ten-Tec, Inc. 74130.212@compuserve.com
07 Aug 96 16:03:03 EDT

Thanks for the enthusiastic response via email over the last couple
of weeks - a few messages indicated that you'd like to know what`s
going on with Ten-Tec now and in the immediate future.

We have a new linear amplifier coming out this month: the Centaur 411.
three 811A tubes, full QSK, 600 watts output.

We are bringing back the Titan full legal limit amplifier for one
final production run.  We have already started taking orders.  Contact
us for further details.

The 586 Paragon II transceiver is going to be discontinued.  We are
closing out our on-hand stock starting immediately.  No immediate
plans to come out with a replacement for it.

Kits:  Our next items will be single band QRP HF CW transceivers for
20, 30, 40, and 80 meters.  After (or before?) that will be a 220 MHz
FM transceiver, similar to the 6M and 2M versions we already have out.
More kits to come in the months ahead.

Inquiries for Ten-Tec can be directed to 74130.212@CompuServe.com
If you have tried to call us recently, the area code in East Tenn.
is now (423).  Calling (615) to reach us will no longer go through.

Thanks for the bandwidth - see you on the air.

73 Scott Robbins KY2P, Ten-Tec Inc.