Anyone help w/debugging 2m T-Kit?

Andrew M. Moore
Wed, 7 Aug 1996 14:55:12 -0400 (EDT)

I am in the process of building the TEN-TEC T-Kit 2 meter radio.  I'm
thrilled to see that a manufacturer is offering such a well-built,
no-frills kit at such a good price, and I'm even more thrilled that
the manufacturer happens to be TEN-TEC.  But I digress!  I've built up
a few of the stages, the most recent one being the audio amplifier
section.  I'm running into one problem:

If I power the radio on, the display/CPU/logic portion seems to work
fine, but the audio amplifier appears muted slightly.

If I turn up the volume, at a certain point, the audio amplifier will
start responding at a more normal level, unmuted, but the LCD display
turns off.

I assume the CPU has control over the display, and that it it simply
stops executing instructions when this problem occurs, and that the
audio amplifier would continue to work regardless of the state of the CPU.
I haven't looked at the schematic in a while, but this doesn't seem like
an unreasonable assumption.  I just don't know what would cause the
problem in the first place.

TEN-TEC suggested that the CPU clock frequency was not adjusted properly.
When I measured this on a scope, it appeared to be *very* close to the
specification, so I did not make the adjustment.  It's possilble that this
adjustment is extremely critical, so I suppose I'll try tweaking it.

Any suggestions?  I'm really looking forward to getting this radio on
the air, or in the truck, or wherever it ends up.  Good job, TEN-TEC;
it looks like a winner.

Do any TEN-TEC representatives read this list?

Andrew M. Moore
NV1B, CFO #963